From Sophisticated Confusing to Mature Simplicity

Good advisors don’t die from starvation of too little opportunity. We die from indigestion of way too much. In this business, we have unlimited markets we can work in, unlimited products and services we sell, and of course, countless narratives and methods to move a client to action. It is in this sea of unlimited opportunity that we can actually work ourselves into a state of sophisticated confusion. If we aren’t careful, “overwhelmed, disorganized and chaotic” will be the description of our days. The good news is that you can move from a place of sophisticated confusion to mature simplicity.

Planning Shepherd, LLC was founded with a singular focus – less administration and more ideation. Many planners struggle with software tools that are either administratively burdensome or too simple to do the job. In a matter of minutes, this intuitive software will allow you to easily enter client data and generate robust reports that will facilitate progress throughout your process.

With Planning Shepherd, you now have one central location to record all your notes and client data – everything from family members, birthdays, assets, incomes, business entities, and loans, to wills and trusts. Once entered, you can generate custom financial reports using one of our compliance approved templates such as an Initial Analysis, Estate Planning Objectives Worksheet, Financial Plan, or create your own from scratch.

Planning is all about helping a client see where they are relative to where they want to go, and giving them the context they need to navigate the gaps between the two. Our custom financial reports contain the financial reference points needed to help clients do just that.

Premium Subscription $2,950

Basic Subscription $149.95 monthly or $1,649.45 annually

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